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Who we are


We curate sustainable, memorable experiences to honor your most significant professional and personal milestones.


Who we work with


At Impact Events Co we provide sustainable event management & planning services to discerning social and environmentally conscious people to honor and celebrate their most significant professional and personal milestones.


Where we work

Our well-situated team is available to co-create experiences in Boston and New York City. We’re also available to support and travel to your on-location events globally.

What experiences we curate


Whether you’re celebrating your union with your significant other or your first round of angel funding or raising money for your favorite cause, we know you want to mark the moment in alignment with your values. We curate personal celebrations (birthdays, bridal showers, and weddings) and professional accomplishments (galas, award ceremonies, holiday parties) with your deep commitment to sustainability and social impact in mind. We’ll support you with peace of mind as you celebrate your special moments.

What we do and why we do it


As an environmentally and socially conscious person we know it can be hard to live your values when you’re celebrating. But we want you to be able to feel like a guest at your own event. So we’ll take on the responsibility for your events for you. We add that special touch so you can enjoy yourself.


We bring your vision to life while ensuring that your events and experiences are socially and environmentally friendly, from taking care to ensure that leftover food is diverted from the landfill or making sure that your flowers are sustainably sourced and in season. We work with local vendors as much as possible, and when not possible, ensure that overall your intimate celebration has a small environmental footprint as possible by working with sustainable and eco-friendly suppliers. 


At Impact Events Co, we provide impeccable customer service giving each client 100% of our attention. From the time we begin working together, we’ll be here for you every step of the way.


Impact Events Co  story, from our founder

"Fuzieh Jallow"

I began my journey in event curation 13 years ago at my local community center where I had the opportunity to volunteer to support the planning and management of several community-wide events and celebrations. I was immediately hooked. It gave me the opportunity to feel empowered, to trust my taste, engaging with others to create a work of art that everyone could enjoy. I think of events as a painting or a film, a work of art, and when an event is running smoothly I really enjoy stepping back for a moment and watching it unfold and seeing everything fall into place. It’s really important to me to know that no matter how long the moment lasts in people's hearts, I played an important role in creating those moments, those memories. It’s my deep purpose and commitment to create as many happy memories for as many people as possible. I’m so grateful to get to do that at every event. Every time I’ve planned an event I feel happy that I had the opportunity to work with a client on creating memories that reflect their values and that people are able to come together to enjoy and celebrate with each other. I want to create beautiful memories that last a lifetime. 


At the same time, an event doesn’t need to waste resources or food in order to celebrate a happy occasion. Bringing people together can both honor the occasion as well as people and the planet.

Join Us!



Want to be a part of our Impact team? While we don’t currently have any full-time positions available, we are also always looking for bright future event curators who want more experience in event planning to join our internship program in Boston. Please email with your cover letter and resume to apply. 


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